Bra or No Bra: Stay Supported At Home

Bra or No Bra: Stay Supported At Home

8th Apr 2020

Bra vs free-boobs? That is the question. There are good points on either side of the debate, so let’s get abreast of some of these.

No Bra

While we all dream of being unconstricted, going without a bra is only an option for women with very small boobs. For those with bigger boobs, being braless can cause permanent damage to the cooper’s ligament and give you aches in the neck and back.

Yes Bra

The pros of wearing a well-fitted bra? Firstly, unsupported breasts are heavy and can negatively impact your posture, putting stress on your upper back. When they’re free n’ easy, braless boobs move around, especially when you’re active. Keeping them secure in a quality bra protects your breast tissue from tearing when you’re using your body to move and groove.

The Truth

It’s your body, and you know what works for you. It comes down to comfort and what makes you feel confident and fab in the clothes you love. What makes you feel like you.

Variety is the Spice

Anti or pro bra, one thing’s for sure – A single type of bra is not your breast friend in every situation. Like you, your boobs experience different aspects of life: lounging around binge-watching your favourite series, walking with purpose as you get on with your day and exercising and moving with vigour. Your best bet is to own multiple bras, purpose-designed for every part of life. No matter your size or shape, there’s a bra out there for all life’s doings.

Talking Cup Size

If you’re a woman with a smaller cup size, you’ll know that choosing to either wear or bar the bra isn’t that big a deal. It’s more of a preference, and you may feel you can ditch the bra without feeling too uncomfortable. But for those with larger breasts, opting to go braless may not be an option. Keeping your girls in place is a big consideration, and feeling secure, poised and positive can be closely linked to a great bra. Again, it’s a you thing.

Active life

Here’s a huge stat: 75% of women are wearing the wrong sports bra. Yep. Being at home and indoors more, you’ve probably carved out dedicated time for moving. And when you do, you want to be rocking a bra that supports while you’re sporting. Our Triaction Seamfree Top and Moulded Sports Bra are all built to brave high levels of activity. Keep your breast tissue buttressed while you get your exercise, whatever that looks like for you.

Maternity Fit

When you’re expecting, one of your priorities is a properly fitting bra. At a time when your breasts may be tender, you need our specialised Cotton Candy Nursing Bra which will carry you through the changes in your breasts, from the first trimester to six months postnatal. And postpartum, the last thing you want is to be fiddling with uncomfortable cups and annoying clips. With our clip-down nursing bras, you can feed at need – wherever, whenever. For smooth, sleek support, our no-stitch Seamless Nursing Bra is all kinds of comfy.

Home Comfort

When it’s all about comfort, our no-feel options will support you, without having to resort to bland versions of beige. These are your favourites, the ones you hope are clean and ready to go whenever you open your draw. Why not start with some neutrals, then throw in a couple of wow pieces. Try our selection of crop tops, smooth cut and t-shirt bras, and bralettes.   

At Home Fittings

If you’re not confident about buying your bra online, we offer video fittings, phone consults and live chat support so you can stay at home and still get the best bra for you. Don’t let confusion about true bra size stop you from being supported and comfy. We can help, online and in-person.

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