Bras For Any Outfit

Bras For Any Outfit

18th Apr 2017

From Backless to Strapless: Bras For Any Outfit

Horror story: You buy that gorgeous backless dress that you’ve been eyeing for months only to realise that ALL of your bras can be seen underneath. As fashionable as the “you can see my bra on purpose” look is, it’s probably not going to work this time.

So what do you wear with….

Open Back

Open back dresses and shirts are the height of fashion, but are probably the hardest item to pair with anything. Despite what you might think, you have a few options available in the way of maintaining support for your breasts.

  1. Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bra cups help to keep the bra drama to a minimum, allowing you to wear your sexiest backless outfits. These easy to wear beauties stay put when you’re busting a move and they last all day.

Silicone Adhesive Bra

The DeBra’s favourite it this silicone adhesive backless and strapless bra. The self adhesive is available from cup sizes A-DD.

  1. Bralettes

Some bras were made to be seen. Recently, bralettes have burst onto the scene and have become a popular choice for women wearing difficult clothing and want to flaunt their sexy lace bra.

What’s a bralette?

A non moulded, non-wired bra that has thin or lacy straps and can provide support for all cup sizes.

One of DeBra’s favourites is the Lace Kiss bralette from B.Tempt’d. This sexy lace design has a longline base and is soft for all day wear.

  1. Low Back Converters

Easy to use and fully adjustable, low back converters make low back dresses easy to wear and keep you supported all night long.

Thin Straps / Strapless

Strapless shirts and dresses aren’t going anywhere, with interest in the garments increasing over the last five years in Australia. There are a few options for women to keep their breasts lifted and supported without straps:

  1. Strapless bras

Strapless bras are the obvious choice, with many women opting for the highly supportive band design to keep themselves perky and supported throughout the day.

We recommend going for a smoothing, moulded shape to increase support and help you feel like you’re stable.

DeBra’s favourite strapless bra is this gorgeous, smoothing moulded garment by Fantasie. With removable, convertible straps and a seam free finish, this bra is perfect for those tight fitting, strapless shirts and dresses.

  1. Breast Tape

If you can’t find a bralette that you love or if you are a bigger bust than a DD, you can still wear that sexy strapless number hanging in your closet. Breast tape not only gives you support, but perks you up, and let’s face it, all of us want a little perk up every now and then. Dare to be braless, backless and strapless.

DeBra’s recommends Hollywood’s breast lift tape (found here) for your best braless breasts.

Low cut / Plunging necklines

Low cut and plunging clothes are some of the toughest garments to work around for support.

  1. Plunging bras

Plunging bras are designed specifically for plunging necklines, with angled cups and a lowered centre.

The DeBra’s favourite plunge bra is this gorgeous simple garment from Freya. With an overall smooth shape and seamless design, this is the bra you need for your favourite low cut clothes.

  1. Nipple Concealers

Did someone say “God’s gift to women”? We here at DeBra’s LOVE these nipple concealers from Useful Chick Stuff. These small silicone patches are perfect for un-friendly garments where bras are not welcome. Ultra smooth, no one will be able to tell what you’re wearing!

  1. Body Suits

DeBra’s FAVOURITE body suit from Triumph is perfect for those more fitting low cut shirts or dresses. With an intricate lace pattern, you’d want to show this gorgeous garment off!


Popularised by Marilyn Monroe in the ‘50s, the halterneck has become a classic staple. Too bad bras didn’t evolve with the fashion! However there are SOME exceptions to this, starting with halter bras.

  1. Halter bras

If you want that classic halterneck look, opt for a halter bra. Effortless and smooth, halterneck bras are a strong and sturdy alternative to strapless bras, sporting a singular strap.

DeBra’s favourite halterneck bra is this beauty from Freya, featuring smooth moulded cups and a double layered back panel, championing support and comfort.

  1. Bralettes

The best type of bralette to wear with a halterneck is one that is visually stunning, like the Amourette from Triumph in Fair Orchid. With lace detailing and a back clasp, this gorgeous garment is a winner in store with both fitters and customers.

  1. Strapless

An obvious solution to your halterneck woes is the classic strapless! With brands like Panache and Elomi, you’re spoilt for choice.

DeBra’s favourite strapless bra for halter dresses and shirts is the Luxe Strapless from Curvy Kate which provides support for busts up to an J cup. A fabulous fit with modern fabrics gives this bra the upper hand when it comes to strapless.

Tank Tops

Notoriously difficult to wear, tank tops are the bane of many women’s existence. With their little straps and low cut neck, they’re probably the hardest shirt to choose a bra for. Nevertheless, they still seem to be our go-to for summer, and we’re sure many other women would be right there with us. So what can we wear for support?

  1. Strapless

The classic strapless bra. Gorgeous, timeless and effective.

That’s why DeBra’s best bet for a strapless option for a tank top is this gorgeous number from Fantasie. The Mae Underwired Moulded Strapless bra is not only perfect for support, but sports a no slippage design with a special “stay-for-sure” elastic. These cups are a smooth satin finish to sit under any outfit without showing any visible seams, making it perfect for every tank top.


We don’t often think about the bras we wear everyday under our t-shirts, but they are so, so important. If you desire a more flattering and smooth look, these designs are perfect for you!

  1. Contour bra

The contour bra is the greatest thing since sliced bread and you need one in your lingerie drawer right now.

Our favourite contour bra is this simple black garment from Wacoal. Built for comfort and support, the design features a smoothing band, highlighting your beautiful silhouette.

  1. T-shirt bra

Duh. Of course there are T-shirt bras! These gorgeous garments give you the support you need without sacrificing comfort or style.

A DeBra’s favourite is from Freya and features pre-formed, moulded cups that lift and centre your breasts to help you stay comfortable all day long.


We don’t know about you, but sheer clothing is a summer staple in our wardrobes! Elegant and practical, sheer tops never go out of fashion. But bras haven’t exactly caught up. Here are some of our favourite solutions to those troublesome garments.

  1. Bralettes

You can’t go wrong with a bralette! Stunning and trendy, these garments thrive under sheer shirts.

We mentioned before that some bras were made to be seen. This bralette DEMANDS to be seen. With gorgeous lace detailing and stunning contrast, the Embrace Soft Cup bra from Wacoal is perfect for that sheer shirt you’re not sure about.

  1. Bandeaus & Body Bras

A simple bandeau or body bra is the answer to your sheer shirt woes. Showcasing basic design and simple cuts, a bandeau is a subtle staple that every woman’s wardrobe should house. Bandeaus are strapless, narrow bands of form fitting fabric that are traditionally swimwear, but have been appropriated into everyday fashion. Body bras are their strapped equivalent, sporting fitted cuts and supportive cups.

This simple body bra from Ambra is a great example of how soft and comfortable a bandeau is, without sacrificing shape. A store staple and one of DeBra’s favourites.

With fashion rising and falling, having a reliable source of support for your breasts becomes difficult. We hope that you find your new favourite bra from this selection! Let us know what you use for support in difficult clothing and if we’ve missed anything!

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