Maternity Bras: What to Look For When Buying Online

Maternity Bras: What to Look For When Buying Online

25th May 2020

During your pregnancy, everything changes; from a newfound nesting obsession to using your belly as a table. And don't forget your breasts - when you think they've changed shape for the last time, they change again. Here are some things to look out for to make sure you get a flawless fit when buying online.

Timing is Everything

We’re all different. So when it comes to the best time to find your maternity bra, again – it’s a you thing. There are some facts to bear in mind in terms of timing. Your breasts get busy gearing up for lactation early in pregnancy, so listen to yourself – you’ll feel when you’re growing out of your regular bra. This usually happens within the first ten weeks.

Four months into your gestation, your breasts will have pretty much adapted and done most of their changing. If you haven’t already needed to, this is a great time to get fitted. The key to a great maternity bra is buying one that fits now; if it’s too big or small, it’s useless. You need the right comfort and support now, not later.

Your Body Knows Best

Maternity bras might not be for you, and who are we to change your mind? As your body changes through your pregnancy, you may feel your breasts becoming heavier. If you find wearing bras in general to be annoying and limiting, you may not be filled with joy at the thought of buying a maternity bra. But until you find the right bra, they'll always feel wrong. During pregnancy, wearing a bra can save your breast tissue stretching and the resulting sag. On the flip side, if you get a flawed fit, you may experience strain in your shoulders, neck and back and damage your breast tissue.

A Seamless Decision

The fewer seams, the better. To steer clear of chafing around your nipples, choose a bra without seams of stitches across them. Maternity bras have cup lining made from cotton or natural fibres which is good for ouchy, sensitive boobs. If you want to sleep in your maternity bra – they can be a bed-friendly option if your breasts hurt while you're lying down due to hormonal shifts and fluid build-up. Go for a great sleep bra like the Sugar Candy Lux Nursing Bra. If you're reluctant to try a maternity bra or a maternity singlet, try the Toffee Nursing Tank: all the support, without the seams.

Find Fiddly-Free

Not all maternity bras are Bridget Jones-y; all structure and no style. There are plenty of choices now, and they're beautiful too. It's important to feel like you, so pick the look to boost both your breasts and sense of self. Go for something with easy closures, because – who's got time for all the fiddling? Make sure they function like a finely oiled machine; practise opening and closing the tabs and bra flaps. You'll be doing this a lot, so it needs to work for you.

A Growing Solution

Maternity bra sizing is the same as for regular bras. But – your boobs won't be, so a fab fit is a key to comfort. Fingers crossed, if you get your maternity bra fitted at the right time in your pregnancy, you may only need to shop once. But more often than not, your breasts will tell you if your bra is getting too small, so get ready to go bra-shopping more than once. If you buy in trimester one or two, the tail end of your pregnancy may see you back for another bra. Maternity bras are special – they have up to seven rows of hooks at the back, so it can extend as your baby grows and pushes everything up. Then after bub is born, you can tighten it up again.

At Home Fittings

If you’re not confident about buying your maternity bra online, we offer video fittings, phone consultations or support on live chat, so you can stay at home and still get the best bra for your changing breasts. Don’t let sizing uncertainty stop your boobs from being snug and supported. We can help, online and in-person.

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