Pregnancy Recovery Wear Claimable Through Private Health

Pregnancy Recovery Wear Claimable Through Private Health

30th Nov 2019

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that a woman’s body won’t go back to the way it was straight after they’ve given birth. There are several products available for women to wear post-pregnancy that say they’ll help “conceal” some of these changes. However, they may not offer the right features that assist in repairing and toning your body after birth. If you’re a new mum, it’s worth taking a look into buying yourself a pair of pregnancy compression tights or shorts to aid your recovery. You can check out our new range of SRC pregnancy compression wear here.

The best part? They may be claimable through your private health fund!

What is pregnancy recovery wear and how can it help me?

Post-pregnancy compression wear can assist in reducing pain and provide support to increase your mobility and function. Wearing pregnancy compression tights will assist you across a range of potential issues, such as pelvic instability and vulval varicosities. They promote a faster recovery for mums who experience discomfort after delivery by supporting abdominal muscle recovery. Other important benefits of wearing pregnancy compression wear includes:

  1. Promoting a quicker recovery so your uterus can return to its normal size and your tummy will look smaller
  2. Providing support with your posture and replacing your core support to assist with back pain.
  3. Promoting better blood circulation to reduce swelling after pregnancy, which may occur in your legs, ankles and feet.
  4. Better support for exercise, as it promotes better blood circulation through your legs and provides extra stability in your joints.

How can I claim this through my private health?

If you’ve got private health insurance within Australia, it’s worth looking into your eligibility for a rebate on pregnancy recovery wear with your provider. Most private health care insurers in Australia will provide a rebate to customers who purchase SRC products, as they’re considered to be a medical compression garment for recovering mothers.

To claim your rebate, you can print the rebate form here. Take this to your health care provider, such as your GP or specialist, and ask them to fill in the details and sign. Once it’s completed, simply send the rebate letter and your invoice for the SRC products purchased to your private health care insurer. Remember, not all private health care providers will offer this rebate and we recommend reaching out to your health care fund provider for more information before you go to the trouble of submitting the form.

For more information, visit SRC Health here.

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