Buying Your First Bra

Buying Your First Bra

3rd May 2022

Events like buying your first bra should be a milestone and special occasion for you, as you mark your entrance into womanhood. With so many options and so many emotions at play, it can be difficult to get the right fit. So where do you start? Training bras? What cup sizes? Band sizes? Soft cups? Do you need a professionally bra fitting service? There are so many things to consider when wearing bras for the first time so here’s a handy guide to help!


The average age when girls get their first supportive bra, and their chest has started to develop, is anywhere between 10 and 14. But that’s not a hard and fast rule - there’s no specific age for developing breasts and when you’ll need to make an appearance at a bra store. Everyone develops at different times and it’s important to remember that if you’re an early or late bloomer, everyone’s going to get a bra eventually. It can be a bit embarrassing and scary, but you’ll thank yourself later! It’s important to consider your readiness and how you feel.


Being emotionally ready for a bra is a big part of buying your first one. The other part is being physically ready. Bras can be uncomfortable for young girls who have never worn them before, so our advice is to wait until your breast tissue starts to develop (also known as “budding”). This will help make choosing your first bra easier and more comfortable.


You don’t have to own a Victoria’s Secret underwired push up bra straight away. Most girls who are looking to buy their first bra don’t end up with one, rather they are best suited to common alternatives such as crop tops or body bras like the Smoothease Non Wired Bralette.

These types of bras are softer than traditional underwired bras, with minimal stitching, meaning no itchy bits! It’s important to look for a body bra or crop top with a firm supportive band under the breasts to enhance support.


If you’re going to buy something you’re going to use every day, it might as well be something you love putting on and looking at. Some women say to keep your first colour neutral when they’re bra shopping. However, at DeBra’s we believe that a bra should reflect who you are - if you want to wear that pretty multi-coloured floral print, go for it girl!


Getting fitted for your first bra can be scary but with the assistance of a professional fitting consultant they can help you find the most comfortable and most appropriate bra for you. Getting correctly fitted can also help prevent future problems, like sore backs or an uncomfortable chest. The in-store fitters at DeBra’s are passionate about fitting you and have been fitting women of all shapes and sizes for 22 years and counting. With over one million success stories - if you need a bra fitter, look no further!

If you are not located near one of our stores, virtual bra fittings are also available.

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