Minimiser Wirefree Bras: They Really Do Work

Minimiser Wirefree Bras: They Really Do Work

29th Mar 2021

A wire free minimiser bra that supports the fuller bust? If you think that sounds too good to be true, this might be a handy guide for you.

The key to finding a wire free minimiser bra that works is to know exactly what to look for. Let’s begin by breaking it down:


Wire free bras do look different to wired bras, and that’s a good thing! A wire free bra that is supportive, especially for the fuller busted woman, can be identified by range of features. We want to look for wider straps which offer comfort over the shoulders, broader bands that distribute the weight of the bust more evenly along the back and a supportive cup. These features all work together to lift and support the breasts in place of a wire.


Minimiser bras are designed to visibly reduce the size of one’s bust, through shape, support and structure. Generally speaking, a minimiser bra works to hold the bust closely against the chest, keeping each breast separated, offering firm support and preventing the bust from being accentuated. When it comes to wire free minimiser bras, we again see a range of features that work together to achieve this look without a wire.

Let’s have a look at some wire free, minimiser, plus size bra styles that encompass all of the above.


Pictured here is our Glamorise Magic Lift Minimizer Bra. While boasting all the features of a good wire free bra, the cups also have a stretch-lace panel that smooths and rounds to provide that trademark minimiser shape that reduces the size of the bust.

Not only does it support cup sizes C-G in band sizes 14 – 26 (AU Sizing), this plus size wire free bra still delivers on style, with fun colours like the Light Blue and Medieval Blue


While The Magic Lift Full Figure Support Bra isn’t labelled as a minimiser bra, we have certainly found it offers our customers a very similar, minimised shape, to the above-mentioned Magic Lift Minimizer Bra. This bra also features a crisscross cup design that keeps the breasts separated from the center, held in from the top and lifted from below. It also comes in a cotton version!

What makes it a fantastic plus size, minimising, wire free bra, is that it goes to a J cup and covers band sizes 14 – 34 (AU sizing)


From listening to our lovely customers, we have learned that there are so many varied ideas around what a wire free minimiser bra should look and feel like.

Some of our customers seeking a minimised shape, in a wire free bra, with that extra hold, have found our Sport Cami Bra (pictured below) is just the solution for them.When we have met ladies wanting something as close to a wire free minimiser bra as possible, but with less seams, they have fallen in love with our Magic Lift Seamless Support T-shirt Bra (pictured here in the black).


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