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Biggest Loser

Bras worn during 'The Biggest Loser' 2013, 2014 and 2015.

These bras were chosen specifically for support, bigger band sizes and as they are quite forgiving when you have fluctuating bust sizes.

Wide set wires offered them maximum comfort, as you can imagine keeping them in the correct size throughout their weight loss journey came with its challenges.

The J-hook came in particularly handy after some big weight loss as the contestants were able to really tighten up the straps to give them added support during their gruesome

training challenges.

Some weeks theses ladies lost a huge amount of weight and usually the first place we lose it is from our bust area.

Energise bra Pomegranate Panache Moulded Sports Bra Freya Active Underwire
Elomi - Energise Sports Bra was the outstanding winner   
during this time.
Panache Sport - This bra was used for the contestants
 with a heavy bust and smaller back. 
Freya Active - This bra was used for a fuller bust that 
 has lost its firmness and was a saviour for fittings 
towards the end of the season.