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Common Bra Problems (And How To Fix Them!)

Every woman knows how painful an ill-fitted or broken bra feels. It doesn’t matter what type of bra you wear, there are always going to be issues with longevity, fit and shape. Ultimately, it comes down to how well the bra fits, which is why it is so important to get fitted by the experts at DeBra’s! Ahead, we tackle some common bra problems, ranging from straps that dig in to falling bra straps.

Rising Back Bands

To fit properly, the back band of your bra should be parallel to the floor. And if it’s not, well, let’s start by saying that you’re not doing your girls any favours. Rising back bands are an indication of either the wrong band size or the fabric stretching too far over many washes and wears. If this happens to you, it is recommended that you try adjusting the band to a tighter hook and eye setting, or replace the bra entirely to ensure maximum comfort.


Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. When your breasts are spilling over the top or sides of the brassiere, it’s time to go up a size (or two or three) in the cup. Alternatively, DeBra’s recommends switching to a full coverage bra that provides extra support and extra coverage.

Empty Cups

The opposite of spillage, empty cups means you have way too much room in a bra that is far too big. In these cases, going down in cup size is a common remedy, however DeBra’s recommends switching from a full cup bra to a demi cup or balconette style bra. This will flatter shallower breasts without altering your silhouette.

Back Bulge

Your bra band is designed to support 80% of the your chest weight, but you’ll run into a catch 22 with back bulge. The dreaded bulge is usually a symptom of a band that is way too tight or narrow to accommodate your shape. We recommend looking for bras with smooth, stretchy fabrics that won’t dig in. A solution may be to wear longer-lined bras so the support extends down the body and does not strain the chest or put pressure on the back.

Falling Bra Straps

If you’ve ever worn a bra, you know the problem of falling bra straps - the constant fidgeting, the strap on your arm underneath a tank top, the awkward looks. It’s a real problem and we are here for you! Bra straps can stretch over time due to overwear and overuse, which is why it’s important to keep your favourite garments clean, laundered and stored correctly. First of all, try tightening the straps. DeBra’s recommends tightening the straps every two or three months on all bras just to maintain the perfect support. If the slipping continues, we recommend switching to a bra with silicone straps or a racerback bra for enhanced comfort.

Digging Bra Straps

Are you ripping your bra off as soon as you walk through the door? It’s been found that the most common reason women feel uncomfortable at the end of the day is because their bra straps dig in and, in some cases, lacerate the skin. There are a few reasons this may be happening, the first being that the straps are too tight. Try loosening them and see if that makes any difference - usually it can ease chafing and swelling dramatically. If, however, the problem continues, DeBra’s recommends checking the sizing of the band. A band that is too big can shift the support that the band was meant to have to the straps, causing them to dig in and do the heavy lifting. This is why getting fitted regularly is so important!

Centre Gore Not Flat

As a general rule of thumb, we always recommend that the centre of the bra, the gore, lay completely flat against the chest. If it doesn’t, it’s usually an indication of one of three things:

  • The band is too big

  • The cups are too small

  • The bra style does not suit your breast type.

In cases where the band is too big or the cup is too small, the fix is easy: go down a band size or up a cup size. Where the breast type is causing this problem, the expert fitters at DeBra’s have a few recommendations:

  1. If your breasts are touching, opt for a bra where the cups are attached or almost touching. This style of garment fits to the natural curve of your figure and creates a flawless silhouette

  2. If the gore is too tall for the breasts, the best option is to try different bra shapes, perhaps a demi or plunge bra that champion a narrower and lower set gore.

Chafing and Sweat

Your bra should be your best buddy, and best buddies don’t hurt each other. If yours is starting to cause you pain or starting to chafe, something definitely isn’t right. Most of the time, this is a symptom of your breasts rubbing against skin, meaning that your bra may not fully encapsulate your breasts and leaves them somewhat unsupported. Our fitters at DeBra’s recommend opting for a light, breathable fabric like cotton that will reduce sweating and will not irritate sensitive skin.

Have you tried any of these fixes? Let us know how they went in the comments below!

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