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What is Cleavage

If you’re over the age of 13, you probably know what cleavage is - the area between a woman’s neck and neckline which emphasises the breasts when wearing a low cut top or dress. Cleavage is used to enhance the natural attributes of a woman’s figure, promoting femininity and power in western cultures. Getting the best cleavage is easy with options like bras, silicone inserts and shapewear.


The best way to get stunning cleavage is to utilise something you wear every day - a bra. There are a few different bras that can help you to enhance the way your breasts sit and increase your cleavage.

Push Up

A favourite of the young superstar Kylie Jenner, the push up bra is designed to lift and support your bust while creating a feminine silhouette and sexy cleavage at the same time. The push up has always been a popular choice for smaller busts, but recently women with larger busts have started to embrace and love push ups for a rounded, more youthful cleavage. Our favourite is the OMB Lace Plunge Bra made by Pleasure State.


Balconette (or balcony) bras are perhaps the most versatile bra, enhancing the appearance of the breasts in size, shape and lift. Typically, balconette bras cover half to three-quarters of the breast, exposing the tops of the skin creating the shelf for which the bra was named. Our favourite is the Jasmine Balconette Bra from Panache.


Using a padded bra for enhanced cleavage is a no-brainer - they are best for increasing the bust size in tighter fitting dresses and shirts, rather than using a push up that only gives the illusion of larger breasts. Our favourite padded bra is the Madison Padded bra from Primadonna.


Plunge bras create gorgeous cleavage for those lower cut shirts and dresses. These beauties shape your body and tighten your bust to create a stunning silhouette. Our favourite is the Deco Vibe Underwire Moulded Plunge bra from Freya.

Bra Accessories & Clothing Options

Bras aren’t the only way to achieve stunning cleavage! There are many bra alternatives, accessories and clothing options to help enhance and define your décolletage.

Silicone Inserts

Silicone inserts or “chicken cutlets” as they are sometimes known as, are perfect for increasing your cup size. Worn inside the bra, these inserts push the breasts up much like a padded bra would. The difference? Apart from price, inserts can be used in any bra to achieve a similar effect. Our favourites are the Boostits Full Cup inserts from Useful Chick Stuff.

Breast Tape

Breast tape not only gives you support but also perks you up - and let’s face it, all of us want a little perk up every now and then! The most versatile item in our lingerie drawers, the Breast Lift Tape from Hollywood is a fan favourite and a cult staple.


Corsets may sound medieval, but they are one of the most versatile lingerie types out there. The right corset can enhance your bust and figure without sacrificing breast size and shape. Our favourite breast enhancing corset is the Maria Underwire Basque by Elomi.


Another staple in the Kardashian Kloset, shapewear has become fashionably acceptable and is the best in achieving seamless comfortable curves. Shapewear is an easy, hassle-free and painless way to help bring out the best of your natural curves. Whatever your size, your natural femininity can be perfectly sculpted with the support of a high quality shapewear product. Our favourite bust enhancing shapewear is the Underbust Body Slip from Nancy Ganz.


Sometimes even the best push ups and accessories can use a little boost. There’s a few ways to achieve a stunning bust without a bra:


Contouring and bronzer isn’t just for your face. Bronzer can be used to enhance the natural curvature of your breasts and create the illusion of a fuller bust.

Chest Exercises

Chest exercises can help you achieve a fuller bust naturally over time by strengthening the pectoral muscles underneath the breast tissue.

For the best fitting and bust enhancing bra, we 100% recommend getting fitted by a professional, like our resident fitters here at DeBra’s. Let us know if we missed anything by sharing and commenting!

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