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Mastectomy Bras: What You Need To Know

If you’re thinking about life post-surgery, you’re probably wondering about mastectomy bras. While you heal, packing one of these bras in your bag will give you the comfort you need. Before you buy one of these speciality bras, there are some things to look for to bring you peace of mind.

The Pros

You may elect to have breast reconstruction or to use a prosthesis, which can fill the space where your breast was. When it comes to after your surgery, a mastectomy bra will give you comfort with soft linings and pockets to put your prosthesis in. Always check with your doctor to make sure you’re not putting additional weight on your incisions, and wait until you’ve healed to wear a prosthesis.

The List

When shopping for a comfy mastectomy bra, look for one with wide shoulder bands, as well as wide bands under your boobs. These will make sure your bra stays in place without the uncomfortable digging-in feeling. Whatever your new shape, adjustable straps give you a closer fit, and going seamless means irritation is kept to a minimum. You can never be too gentle on your tender skin, chiefly on and around your incisions. Look for bras made from natural, breathable material, and whatever you do – steer clear of underwire.


Our Bella Post-op Bra is a sensible, secure option after your breast surgery. Breast surgery may have an effect on your shoulder rotation which means you could struggle to reach bra hooks that are in the back. Purpose-designed for highly sensitive skin, this bra is latex-free and is made from a soft micro-fibre and will stretch over your surgical dressings and give you some compression on your incisions.

How Long

For a year after your mastectomy or lumpectomy, your best bet is to opt for a bra with soft seams, a wide underband, deep front and side panels, full cups, cup separation, adjustable straps, minimal detailing and no underwire. Phew – that’s a lot to look for. While your nerves mend, swelling subsides, and the effects of radiotherapy continue to heal, what you need from your bra can change.

It can take up to twelve months to fully recover, and during this time, steering clear of underwires is paramount. Choose a bra that fits on the last hook so you can tighten it when your swelling goes down. Look for a cotton-heavy material so your bra is comfy and cooler to wear, and bra strap cushions to keep your bra in place.

Fit First

Your boobs will shift in size and shape after, as well as during your treatment. This means getting a professional fitting to precisely measure your size, will result in a better bra. We’ve got an incredible range of comfortable, supportive and stylish mastectomy bras to check out. And to assist you in finding the right bra after your surgery, come in to get expertly fitted at our Parramatta store.

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