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What To Do Before You Buy A Sports Bra

We’ve all seen it before, that woman on the treadmill whose bounce is too much for our own busts to bear. She’s not the only one who needs a fitting - over 75% of women are wearing the wrong size sports bra and their breasts are paying for it!

Here are some of DeBra’s quick tips and tricks for finding the perfect sports bra.

Match your bra to your level of exercise intensity

Not all workouts are created equal, so why should you only have one type of bra for such occasions? When you mix up your routine, make sure you mix up your bras. Wearing the wrong type of bra can have severe implications on breast tissue health, comfort and performance. There are four levels of impact that sports bras can support:

Low Impact

Woman And Man Doing Yoga

Low impact sports bras are perfect for activities that have little to no bouncing. These bras are perfect for:

  • Walking

  • Chilling

  • Stretching

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Weight Training

  • Golf

Medium Impact


Designed for activities with moderate bounce, medium impact sports bras are best for:

  • Jogging

  • Riding

  • Power Walking

  • Dancing

  • Skiing

  • Hiking

High Impact


High impact bras are built for stability where there is a high level of bouncing in the activity. Invest in a high impact sports bra if you like to do:

  • Running

  • Mountain Biking

  • Netball

  • Hockey

Extreme Impact

 woman rockclimbing

  • Martial Arts

  • Combat Sports

  • Aerobics

  • Gymnastics

  • Climbing

Note: Larger busts will need a higher level of support.

Choose an appropriate construction

By choosing the right type of sports bra, you can minimise movement for effective support:


Best suited for low impact activities, these bras generally:

  • Have individual cups

  • Have no compression

  • Provide a natural shape (Say bye-bye to the dreaded uni-boob!)

  • Are better for larger busts


Perfect for low-medium impact activities, compression sports bras generally:

  • Pull the breast tissue into the chest wall

  • Do not have cups

  • Are better for smaller busts (A-B Cups)


Modern garments combine both compression and encapsulation techniques to give high impact athletes the support and shape they need and desire.


With sports bras, you get what you pay for. The average price for a quality low impact bra from a decent manufacturer that invests in research and development is $50-80, with high impact bras starting at around $80. The cost comes from R&D (research and development), and your breasts are worth it! Spend as much as your can on your bra, and forgo the newest pair of Nikes.

Know what to look for


Most of the support that sports bra provide come from the band around the base of the bra. Wider bands are more supportive, however as long as the band is parallel to the ground and is snug, the bra will fit effortlessly.


Straps hold the cups and your breasts up to prevent strain on the breast tissue. Straps are NOT the main support in a sports bra, however straps should have minimal stretch to enhance the support given by the band. Wider straps help disperse weight and offer greater support than narrow ones.

Adjustable Straps

Adjust your straps to prevent falling straps and straps that dig into the skin during high impact activities. These impact your ability to perform.

Back Support & Closure

Sports bras are most comfortable with some sort back support or closure.

Criss Cross

These criss cross backings provide good support for low-high impact sports. Often adjustable, these straps are often adjustable and can hide nicely under a tank top.


Racerback sports bras are god’s gift to active women. The ultimate in high-medium impact support, the straps come in to form a Y shape in the center of the back. Racerback bras fit nicely under tank tops and racerback tanks.


Underwired sports bras are usually flexible and can move with your body, cupping each breast individually to minimise tissue damage. The wire should not poke out or pinch and should lay flat against the body.

Specialised Fabrics

“Wicking Fabrics” pull moisture away from your body and keep you dry to resist chafing and rashes. The sturdier the bra, the more effective it will be in terms of wicking moisture away.

Test test test!

The Bounce Test

Don’t be afraid to have a little dance in the fitting room when buying your new sports bra. It’s important that you experience little to no movement of your breasts now as the bra will only lose its compression later.


To test the straps hold the centre of one strap and the centre of the same cup and pull down. The less stretchy these are, the more support they will provide.


In a similar fashion, tug at the bottom and top of each cup, looking for as little give as possible. The cups should hold the entire breast without spillage or gaps. Choose a larger or smaller size respectively if this occurs.


Slide one finger under the band between your breasts and pull away. The gap when pulled should not exceed 2-3 cm. Reach your arms up, if the band rides up your body, the bra is too big. 

DeBra’s Favourites

DeBra’s Sports Bras are perfect for all shapes, sizes and levels of activity. We listed some of our favourites below so you can start looking for your perfect sports bra.

The Panache Moulded Sports Bra

Our number one best seller, the Panache Moulded Sports Bra is built to reduce all bounce by up to 83%! The cushioned straps and innovative J Hook helps you get that high impact workout with lots of support. A definite must have for any wardrobe!

The Elomi Energise Sports Bra

The Energise Sports Bra from Elomi is a perfect fit for all sizes up to a J Cup. With a high neckline and encapsulated design, the Energise gives great control over bounce and is one of our customer’s favourites!

The Triumph Triaction Endurance Sports Bra

Designed for maximum comfort, the Triaction Endurance Sports Bra can be worn for any type of exercise with sizes up to an E cup.

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