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The Best Bras For Travel

You’re flying out tomorrow, and if you’re organised enough to have packed your bag, it’s probably bulging at the seams. The question you need to ask isn’t how much stuff do I need to take? But instead – have I packed the right stuff? Most of the time, the bras we take on our travels are an afterthought; we pile them in without any consideration.

How Many Bras

Your best bet is to pack three. Regardless of whether you’re going away for a long or a short trip, remember you’ll be doing laundry. Handwashing with a gentle soap is best, but if you use a machine, make sure your bra goes in a garment bag; always air-dry, never tumble dry. If you panic at the thought of only packing three, make it five at most or even two if you’re a streamliner. Packing smart when it comes to bras eliminates the need for quantity.

Colour Me Happy

Versatility should be top of mind when making bra decisions for travel, and nude is the king of adaptability. Choosing a tone close to your skin means your bras will go mostly unnoticed under your outfits.

In Transit

When you’re squashed in an upright position, trying to get some sleep, you don’t want to add an uncomfortable bra into the mix. If your bra sticks into you, impedes circulation, or you’re just conscious of it being there – ditch it. Go with your favourite; the one you’re always happy to wear. Moisture-wicking fabrics are fantastic because they’ll keep you fresh and dry while you fly.

Sports Bra

You won’t be sorry you packed this essential; extra support for your boobs on a bumpy road is always a bonus. Especially if you’ve got a bigger bust size, a sports bra will keep them supported while you’re busy being adventurous. Consider strap thickness and adjustability, whether the bra has cups built-in, and if there’s a back opening or mesh. Check out our range of Sports Bras – there’s something for everyone.

Convertible Bra

So you can wear an array of outfits, packing a convertible bra is a must. Still offering support and comfort, a strapless bra lets you bare your shoulders while feeling secure. With an adaptable bra for boobs of all shapes and sizes, our range of Convertible Bras, come padded and unpadded to open up your options while you’re away. You can configure it to fit any dress, halter or corset-style top, and while it’s probably not going to be your go-to number, it’ll come in handy.

T-Shirt Bra

Who knows if the rumours of bra underwires setting off alarms at airport security are true, but beyond the hearsay, these bras are all about comfort. For an everyday option, this is the flexible wire-free bra that will feel as if you’re not wearing one. Whether you’re breastfeeding, have smaller boobs or post-op requirements, our range of Wire Free Bras are the ultimate in comfort and support that will go the distance while you’re travelling.

When it comes to packing bras for your adventure – less is more. Think quick-dry, comfy, stylish and form-fitting, and you’ll be covered for anything that comes your way.

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