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The Six Types of Bras You Need

There are times we want comfy shoes to wear at home, snazzy shoes to wear out and active shoes that let us run wild. Like shoes, you can benefit from having bras which are purpose-designed to do specific things because one bra can’t do the best job for your breasts in all areas of your life. Here are six situations that demand particular bras so that you’re comfortable and supported no matter your size, shape or activity.

Get Sporty

It’s beyond belief but near on 75% of women are wearing the wrong sports bra. For activities that involve movement and bounce, your breasts deserve support. Our sports bras are designed for sustained support while you stay focused on your sport. To keep your breast tissue protected while you get busy moving, our bras have high-tech features that stand up to rigorous levels of activity, so you can exercise without the ouch. Any body of any shape deserves to get active, that’s why our sports bras offer form fit flexibility. Comfort and confidence in your bra gives you the freedom to get moving in whatever way you want. When it comes to jogging, jumping, pivoting or passing, your regular everyday bra won’t give the max support your breasts need. For more information on sports bras, check out our “What To Do Before You Buy A Sports Bra” article.

Try our Contour Sports Bra, Underwire Sports Crop, Triaction Seamfree Top or our Moulded Sports Bra.

Maternity Bras

At this time of life, proper support and comfort are essential. While you’re adjusting to motherhood, you shouldn’t have to worry about complicated clips. Our clip-down nursing bras let you feed wherever and whenever you need to. For a streamlined feel, our no-stitch bra brings optimum comfort. You don’t want clunky and intrusive bras; a soft form that fits your body is a blessing for sore and sensitive breasts. Our nursing bras give you so much support, you’ll forget you’re wearing one. Our adaptable Cotton Candy Bra will see you through the fluctuations from your first trimester of pregnancy to six weeks postnatal. Find out more about maternity bras and what to look for in our “10 Tips When Buying a Maternity Bra” article.

Try our Seamless Nursing Bra, Show-off Bra, Lemon-zest Sports Bra or Cotton Candy Nursing Bra.

First Bra

Fitting your first bra is a right of passage; something you’ll always remember. It can be a vulnerable time when you’re unsure what you want or need. There’s no pressure to be anything but what you are which is why our first fits include alternatives like crop tops or body bras. Much softer than regular underwired bras, these options have less stitching which also means no incessantly itchy bits. When it comes to your first bra, your best option is to search for something that comes with a secure and supportive brand under your breasts. Check out our tips on “Buying Your First Bra” here.

Try our Soft Basic Bra, Soft Cup Bra or Contour Wirefree Bra.

Every Day

These are your everyday go-tos when you’re looking for a bra that does the job well. This doesn’t automatically mean that they have to be beige and boring, but they do have to be comfy. No rule that says your sensible bra can’t also be sensational. Because you tend to wear these everyday items for longer, or more often, they form the foundation of your look and can affect the way you wear your t-shirts and tops.

You can’t go wrong with a basic black or neutral colour as they’re less visible and make an excellent palette to put your clothes over. The truth is, everyone’s different, and no one can say what kind of bra you’ll find comfort in, every day.


Our collection of lovely lingerie has something in store for every sexy self. You might be looking to spice up the night, or maybe it’s a case of ‘just because.’ Whatever the occasion or if it’s just for you, our designs are beautiful and saucy and will have you looking busty and lusty. They’re so good, you won’t want to get dressed.


After your mastectomy, you may have decided not to opt for additional surgery. If so, you’ve got options about where to go from here. For a breast form that feels most like you, a prosthesis is a great option. If this is right for you, ask one of our expert fitters to help you find your most fabulous form. Most of all, our mastectomy bras are all comfy, fabulous and functional. The staff at our Parramatta store will expertly fit you so that you can feel like you again, post-surgery. More information including what to expect at your fitting can be found in our “Mastectomy Bras and Prosthesis Fittings” article.
Stop by a DeBra’s store and pick up one of each today!

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