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What Is: A Minimiser Bra?

When it comes to comfort, minimiser bras are a staple in most Australian women’s wardrobes. Many women with larger bust sizes find themselves struggling to find clothing that fits without being uncomfortable. Minimiser bras are perfect for women that are after a slimmer and more fitted shape to their clothing.

What is

A minimiser bra compresses the breasts against the chest wall to give the appearance of smaller breasts. Most minimiser bras have shape defining cups made from one piece of firm, non-stretch material and have wide straps, bands and wide set underwire. Whilst most bras have some aspect of compression, minimiser bras are designed to reshape the breasts and silhouette to cater to larger figures.

The Advantages

  • A minimiser bra is a great solution to the discomfort that can come with large breasts.

  • A minimiser bra can reduce the physical size of your breasts by one to two cup sizes without plastic surgery.

  • Minimiser bras smooth the front and for the most part eliminates blouse gaping.

  • Minimiser bras provide more support than every-day bras.

Should I buy one?

Women that have considered breast reduction surgery should try a minimiser bra first.

If you wear a larger cup size, you may find that button-down shirts gap. Some women buy shirts in larger sizes to combat this, ending up with a shirt that doesn’t fit well, even if it does button. A minimiser bra solves this, so you can wear the correct shirt size which buttons neatly.

Women that wear form-fitting clothes like bodycon tops or dresses may find that the fabric pulls across the bust, giving that telling “that shirt is too small for you” horizontal line across

the front. Minimiser bras help clothes hang as they were intended, meaning your silhouette will be better defined.

Tips to buying a minimiser bra

The first step in buying a minimiser bra is to check if any major brands have specialties in this area. These brands make their bras with high quality fabric and accessories, meaning they’re more likely to have tried and tested models.

Spend some time in store to try out different styles and sizes. In store at DeBra’s, our expert fitters will help guide you in choosing your best fit and will give you many style options to choose from. On the whole, minimiser bras should be comfortable and not be too loose as this defeats the purpose and not too tight as that could compress the breast and cause tissue damage. Your breasts should fit snugly in the cups and the bands should not dig in or tear at the shoulder skin.

As with all bras, you should feel comfortable, not manipulated when you’re wearing it.

The DeBra’s Range

Our range of minimiser bras are perfect for fuller busted women looking for something a little more comfortable and flattering for every-day wear. Try a minimiser bra today from our range to see and feel the effects immediately, or speak to one of our expert fitters in store today for more information.

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