Full Cup Bras

A full cup bra is all about the functionality; the way it lifts the bust from the bottom and side support panels and the way it separates the bust with an underwire that runs from up under the armpit, up into the cleavage, holding them securely in place. They are made of 4 pieces of very supportive fabric. Full cup bras are a win win with our customers because bra designers are very good at creating fashionable full cup bras that do not compromise their functionality. ‘We love our full cups, we have so many in the ranges we hold in store.

We have our basics and we have our pretties, they are our ultimate go-to style when fitting a bra’ says Michele, one of our senior fitters. Some of our best-selling full cup bras are Keira by Goddess and Morgan by Elomi. ‘Keira projects your bust forward without making them look too pointy and Morgan offers amazing support and a great shape up to a K cup.’Quite often our bra fitters get ladies that come into our store that don’t want anything that is low or will make them feel uncomfortable. They just want full coverage, to be able to feel fully supported and not have to worry about spilling out the front, sides or over the top.

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