Longline Bras

Longline bras are made for comfort and extra support as they extend down the rib cage to the waistline. Several different styles of longline bras have evolved with functionality, comfort and fashion in mind. Longline bras can also take on more of a structured look, with boning down the side similar to a bustier or corset while others are more like a bralette style, designed with luxury fabrics and laces similar to lingerie. They create a smooth look under tightly fitted tops, blouses and dresses as it cinches in the waist without having to wear any heavy-duty shapewear. A longline bra can assist with improving posture as the extra wide band takes weight off the shoulders, and they suit a range of different body shapes making them a very popular product both online and in-store. Our collection of longline bras includes what we believe to be the best longline products from trusted designers like Freya, Elomi and Triumph.
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