Underwire Sports Bras

For maximum support during exercise, the perfect bra is the underwire bra and you will love it when you know its purpose. An underwire bra is more structured, and most people underestimate the charm an underwire sports bra can bring. The main reason for an underwire sports bra is to contour the natural shape of your breasts while providing maximum breast support. An underwire bra will exceed expectations compared to non-wired bras for both shaping and support. The fit of an underwire bra can either make it or break it for many women. If you are not wearing the right size bra to accommodate your body shape and bust size, you may experience pain and uncomfortableness caused by the underwire. Our Fitting Consultants have many years of experience with and without underwires. We offer our customers free in-store and virtual fitting consultations because we are not comfortable until you are. To make a booking click here.

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