Nursing Bras

So many changes occur to your bust during your pregnancy and a comfortable, supportive nursing bra is a must have. Your bust will be one of the first things that you will visibly notice change, with some ladies seeing an increase of up to four cup sizes. Having to be refitted a few times through this period is quite normal and guarantees you the best comfort. Our maternity range includes cup sizes up to a KK cup fitting. If you're shopping online, be assured our bra fitters can assist you by phone to select styles and sizes during this important time. We have extensive knowledge on fitting maternity bras and nursinig bras and understand what you will need. It's all about the fit!

Maternity bras, nursing bras - is there really a difference? Most maternity bras now have the nursing option and are designed so you can drop the cup and feed, but not all! A maternity bra is designed for your bust during pregnancy, where a nursing bra is exactly that. A bra that allows you to feed without removing your bra.

Choose Comfortable Fabrics & Styles

When searching for a comfortable maternity bra, we recommend natural fibres for the lining of the cups, which feels much more comfortable against your breast. Most maternity bras will have an A-frame inside the cup, which we highly recommend for after the birth, as the A-frame will hold your bust in place during feeds. 

Maternity bras include crop tops for you to sleep in. When your breasts are full of milk and feeling sensitive, these are highly recommended to provide light support while you get much needed rest. Flexi wires in maternity bras were added to the market quite a few years ago and are now fully endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. A fexi-wired maternity bra has a much softer wire than your usual underwired bras. Wearing an everyday bra that is not fitting you during this time can be super uncomfortable and can also damage and put pressure on your milk ducts. Be kind to your breasts. If there is one time in your life to be wearing the right bra, it's now!

Fitting a Nursing Bra  

Fitting a maternity bra works a bit differently to fitting with an everyday bra. Early on in your pregnancy you may start to feel very sensitive while your breasts start to prepare for your new arrival. You will notice the hooks on the backs of maternity bras are almost double in length than your basic bra , with many options to adjust the back of your bra throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. During your first trimester, your bra will be done up on the tightest hook, very different to when you buy a normal bra - this allows you to extend the back out and give you more room as your baby starts to grow. You will probably be extending the back out by another hook monthly. After birth, you will then start to need to tighten it again as your body starts to return to its pre-pregnancy shape.

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