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Prosthesis Fitting at DeBra's


Prosthesis/Mastectomy Fitting Information

Prosthesis Fittings are available in our Wentworthville Store, Tuesdays through to Saturdays.

Please call us to book an appointment on (02) 9896 8134

'DeBra's is the leading full figure shop in Sydney, specialising in professional fittings, personalised service and holding the largest range of bras for every body.'


Your Experience At DeBra's:

Our caring staff will take the time to get to know you, making you feel comfortable with your fitting experience. We have several staff members in our Wentworthville store that have attended intensive mastectomy and post surgery training courses. They have the knowledge and experience behind them to find you comfortable and supportive bras with or without an underwire. Appointments with these staff members are available Tuesdays through to Saturdays. You will need to allow roughly 1 hour for your appointment as your assigned fitter will go through all the different products available specific to the type of surgery you have had. Once the prosthesis has been fitted, they will fit you into a bra to suit so you are able to see how you look in your clothes.

We also have specially designed post surgery bras with prockets to hold your breast form in place. Partial and full breast forms are available in many shapes and sizes (1-17) and with a bit of care, will be perfectly fitted to suit you and your lifestyle.

We also provide a product called swim forms that have been designed for use whilst swimming as well as a great range of mastectomy swimwear with supportive pockets that gives you the security of holding your swim form in place. These swim products are available all year round.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to call ahead and speak to one of our Mastectomy trained staff members.


Taking Care When Handling Breast Forms:

Treat your breast form as you would treat your own body;

- Take care with sharp objects. Finger nails, brooches, scissors and pets claws can cause permanent damage to the breast form's film.

- Do not pinch, rub or wring the breast form at any time.

- Avoid applying powder, perfume, deodorant, cream, moisturizer, tanning products or any lotions to the breast form as well as to your chest wall.

 Prosthesis SwimwearProsthesis BraProsthesis


How do I clean my breast form?

Breast forms need to be wiped down with warm soapy water, left to air-dry and stored in their box. Adhesive breast forms come with a cleanser that you apply to the dry adhesive surface and then moistened with a soft brush and lukewarm water. After firmly scrubbing the surface for 3 minutes, rinse off with plenty of lukewarm water and allow to air-dry. You may also use a hairdryer on a low to medium setting if you are time poor.


How do I look after my bras?

We recommend that you hand wash your bras. A quick and convenient way to do that is to take them into the shower with you, give them a light wash with shower gel or soap and rinse well. Hang them to dry in the shade from the centre of the cups. Direct sunlight or the heat from a dryer can stretch and deteriorate the elastic fibres in the material. Avoid soaking and wringing out your bras.


Can I go swimming in my breast form?

Not with a regular breast form. We have products called swim forms that have been designed for use while swimming. We also stock a great range of mastectomy swimwear with supportive pockets that provides the security of holding it in place whilst swimming. Our mastectomy swimwear range cover sizes 8-24.

 Prosthesis SwimwearProsthesis SwimwearProsthesis Swimwear




DID YOU KNOW about the Medicare Rebate?

Did you know that you can receive a Medicare Rebate of up to $400- for a single and up to $800- for a double mastectomy every 2 years for each new or replacement external breast prosthesis? When purchasing a breast prosthesis at DeBra's, please ask our staff to provide you with a Medicare Reimbursement Form.


Can I claim Medicare immediately in-store?

Unfortunately not. This amount needs to be paid for in full. Our staff will provide you with a claim form that you then need to fill out and lodge with Medicare to receive the rebate.


You can read more about this rebate program on the Australian Government Department of Human Services Website.