Swimwear - New Arrivals

New arrivals in swimwear at DeBra’s is a really exciting time as there is a whole process behind it. A lot of time is taken viewing the new season’s product ranges. We get to view all the new season fashion trends that are happening in swimwear all over the world. Models showcase the ranges and we get to see how the product looks on the body which is very important to us. If a product doesn’t work on the body, then we aren’t interested. A new range involves a lot of research on the different shapes and styles that work best in our fitting rooms. We want to continue to offer our customers products and shapes that they love and fit into but give them fresh, new seasonal colours to keep up with the latest trends that we see in the fashion world. ‘If red is in fashion, you are going to see red come through in swimwear.’ Once the new arrivals have been viewed and our research is done, we carefully place our orders and then we don’t see this product for another 4-6 months, when it arrives into store.We carry swimwear from a size 6 through to plus size.
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