About Us

DeBra's is a business founded by Debra Kinney in the year 2000.

Since its humble beginnings, DeBra’s has earned its credibility as a leading fuller busted bra store. We specialise in professional fittings and our personalised service is second to none.  Unlike many of its competitors, DeBra’s prides itself on holding the largest range of bras, swimwear, and bridal corsetry available for the fuller bust and full-figured ladies.

“We understand what our customers want from a bra because we wear them too” – Debra (founder) 

Our product range does not stop with bras, we stock a wide range of quality swimwear, sportswear, lingerie, maternity bras. From sizes 6-36, A-K cup.  At DeBra’s we believe in every body and every size. Having a fuller bust does not mean that you must settle for unfashionable, ill-fitted and unsupportive bras. We are honoured to include two specialist fitters in mastectomy and prosthesis fittings located at our Penrith store.

Over the years, we have been touched by thousands of women that shop online and visit our stores, women who have allowed us to make a difference in their lives. No matter what shape or size we are, we all have a beauty that deserves to be expressed. Every day is an opportunity for us to make a difference to the way somebody looks in the mirror and feels in their own skin.

Our mission is to provide women with correctly fitted bras that are beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. No matter what shape or size you are, you owe it to yourself to look and feel beautiful.

Our experienced fitters are always in-store or on live-chat and ready to help. Appointments are required for a mastectomy or prosthesis fitting.

We love what we do and take pride in what we do. 


We're also passionate about women's health. We know that for the fuller busted women, wearing a bra is a non-negotiable everyday task. Yet the process of getting a bra on and off can be highly challenging for women who may be:

○ Recovering from surgery
○ Experiencing shoulder pain and upper body discomfort
○ Injured with limited mobility
○ Suffering aches and pains caused by a bigger bust

To help support these women with innovative bra solutions we have partnered with allied health professionals across Australia. Through these partnerships we are able to introduce women to the right kind of bras that will support their recovery.

Visit our partners page to find out more.