In-Store Fitting Appointments


A Professional Bra Fitting

Getting fitted for a bra can be daunting, especially if it is the first time you seek professional advice. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Almost 80% of women who walk into our stores wear the wrong size bra, and most have never had a professional bra fitting. They guesstimate! Book an In Store Bra Fitting with DeBra's in Penrith or Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

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Choosing the Right Bra

Most of our customers that have not had a fitting before will place themselves in the “DD” cup category. Much to their surprise, after being professionally fitted, they usually leave our store with a smaller size around the band and a totally different cup size. Unlike clothes, choosing the right bra is not as easy as going up or down a size.


We highly train our expert Fitting Consultants in various products, and we are not comfortable until you are. We have a fantastic team that will work with you to find the right brand, style, and size that best fits your lifestyle and one that you are comfortable wearing.

Let your Fitting Consultant know what you are comfortable with. We aim to make you feel at ease and work with you. If you prefer our Fitting Consultant to wait outside the fitting room while you change, she will remain outside the fitting room. If you like our Fitting Consultant to come in and help you, that is what she will do. Some people need more help than others. Listening to our customers is what our Fitting Consultants are trained to do.

What you like in a bra and what you are used to are huge factors when selecting a bra that you love and fits you in all the right places. Communicate this to your Fitting Consultant, who will scope out some fantastic options and guide you through the selection process. If you don’t know what you want, that’s ok too. Our Fitting Consultants will make recommendations based on your size and lifestyle.

From the moment you make an In-store Fitting Appointment with DeBra’s, we immediately secure a fitting room together with one of our experienced Fitting Consultants for the duration of your appointment. Our appointment times are in 30-minute intervals; however, we do not set a timer. We will spend as much time as possible with you to find your breasts a new best friend.