Bra Care Guide

Bra Care Guide

May 23, 2023

Extend the life of your favourite bras with DeBra's simple care techniques.

May 2024

Extend the life of your favourite bras with DeBra's simple care techniques. When was the last time you washed and laundered that bra you're wearing? It's a daunting task; washing, drying, and storage. It's alright; we understand. Here are some tips on properly caring for and loving - your bra for years to come.

We encourage all our customers to read and follow the instructions on the label of each garment. Care instructions may vary depending on the material used. Here are a few helpful tips on how to care for your bras from DeBra's team.


There's no exact science behind when to wash your bra. We've all been guilty of repeatedly wearing our beloved bras before deeming them worth a wash. When cleaning your bra, you have two choices: a washing machine or a hand wash. It is essential to consult the tag on your bra before making a decision. While some bras can tolerate machine washing, hand washing consistently emerges as the superior choice for ensuring their durability in the long run.

Hand Washing

Adopting a gentle hand-washing technique is highly recommended to ensure the longevity and preservation of your delicate items. Begin by preparing a clean sink and filling it with warm water. Add a mild detergent to the water and carefully mix the solution. Submerge your bra into the soapy water, allowing it to soak for approximately 20 minutes while softly squeezing it. Once done, drain the used water and rinse your bra thoroughly with clean, warm water. For more worn, delicate garments, repeat this process accordingly.

Hand Rinsing

Rinsing your bra is not the same as washing your bra. Rinsing your bra in the shower is a quick and convenient way to get the most out of your most loved garment.

Rinsing involves letting your bra rinse under clean, warm water for about five minutes without detergent. A bra with padding often sees wear when it's washed too often, as the detergent breaks down the foam inside. Regular rinsing will reduce the number of times you have to launder your favourite padded bra, preserving it as your favourite for a long time.

Rinsing your bra should not be confused with washing it. When you rinse your bra in the shower, it offers a convenient and efficient method of maintaining the quality of your cherished undergarment. During rinsing, allow clean, warm water to flow over the bra for approximately five minutes without using any detergent. This approach is particularly beneficial for bras with padding since excessive washing can cause the foam inside to deteriorate due to the detergent. By regularly rinsing your beloved bra, you can significantly reduce the frequency of laundering, thereby preserving its status as your favourite piece for an extended period.

Machine Washing

When it comes to maintaining the longevity and shape of our bras, many of us resort to the convenience of throwing them into the washing machine along with our regular laundry. However, putting your bra in the washing machine is generally not a good idea. Bras are delicate garments made of delicate fabrics and intricate designs, such as lace, underwire, or padding. The agitating motion and high-speed spinning of a washing machine can cause the bra to become tangled, leading to stretching, warping, or even damage to the bra's structure. The hooks, clasps, and straps can also get caught on the other clothing or the machine's drum, resulting in snags or tears.

Additionally, the excessive heat and harsh detergent can accelerate the wear and tear of the bra, causing the fabric and elastic to deteriorate faster. To ensure the longevity and integrity of your bras, it is best to hand wash them with gentle detergent and air dry them flat.

Knowing all this, let's face it we are all time-poor, and if your bra is likely to end up in the washing machine, we recommend you start by closing the clasps on your bra to stop the hooks from snagging. Be sure to place the bra in a mesh bag to prevent the material from tearing and wash with similar colours on a gentle cycle. Never use fabric softeners, bleach, or harsh chemicals, as these can ruin your bras. When machine washing, cold water is your friend, as hot water may destroy the bra shape.

Always follow the care instructions on the label, as washing directions vary depending on the bra's structure and brand.


To maintain the shape of your bra, it is essential to dry and air it properly. Avoid wringing or twisting the bra, as this can distort the cups. Instead, gently reshape the cups and position the bra between two dry towels. Roll it up to extract the water, ensuring the cup shape remains intact. Once done, reshape the cups and lay the bra flat or hand it from the centre to dry. It is crucial never to use a dryer or iron on your bra. Always opt for air drying to preserve the elasticity and keep your bra in optimal condition.

Organising Your Bra Drawer

Is your bra drawer more chaotic than an organised boutique for your delicate undergarments? After spending all that time meticulously hand washing and drying your beautiful bras, do you want to risk losing them among your old underwear? Improving the way you store your bras can significantly contribute to their longevity. If you own moulded bras, a suitable method is to stack the cups and place them directly in the drawer. This approach helps maintain the shape of the cups, unlike the debunked practice of hanging them on a door handle (contrary to what we may have been told, this isn't beneficial for your bras!).

The same principles apply if your collection includes non-moulded bras. Fold the bra in half between the cups and tuck one of the cups inside out. Fasten the clasps to prevent tearing fabric, and then stack the bras neatly. Proper storage helps your bras retain their shape and keeps them looking fresh and new, making it easier for you to locate your favourites.


Packing the bras you need for holidays can become annoying, and sometimes you have to play a puzzle game just to fit everything into your suitcase! Our best tip for packing bras when travelling is to sort yourself out with a travel bag made specifically for this purpose. It will keep everything together perfectly and protect your garments better than other methods.

In Summary...

How To Wash and Care For Your Bra:

  1. Fill the sink with clean water.
  2. Add a mild detergent, dissolve it and then add your bra.
  3. Soak the garment for 20 minutes, squeezing the bra occasionally to clean it.
  4. Drain the dirty water and rinse the garment with clean, warm water.
  5. Roll the garment between 2 towels to squeeze excess water from the padding.
  6. Reshape the cups and lay the bra flat to dry.
  7. Store your bras by stacking the cups in your lingerie drawer.
Got some extra know-how? Don’t forget to tell us your laundry tips and tricks so we can help everybody extend their bra life.


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