Front Opening Bras: The Fuss-Free Facts

Front Opening Bras: The Fuss-Free Facts

15th Jun 2020

There are two types of women in the world: back bra fasteners and front bra fasteners. You know who you are. Often it’s a ritual, handed down from Mum/first bra mentor, or just a quirk specific to you. It’s so ingrained, you’ve probably never considered the alternative. If you’re a close-at-front-then spin-around wearer – a front opening bra could be a game-changer. Or maybe you’re done reaching behind your back to play the blind fastening game – here’s a solution.

A Word First

The terms are synonymous. You say front opening bra; she says front closing bra. It’s all the same in the end. Now that’s out of the way, let’s unclasp the ins and outs of this handy type of bra.

Back Hook Basics

Sometimes it seems anti-intuitive that a bra would ever hook in the back. But there’s a reason behind this body-bending practise. The structure of a back closing bra means there’s room for numerous rows. That way, you can adjust your bra to keep it taut and tight as it stretches.

Front Hook Hurrah

It’s all in the name – front hook bras fasten in the centre of your chest, so they’re much easier to close. It may not sound like much of a thing, but if you struggle to reach around or have arm or shoulder mobility issues, it’s a big thing. When it comes to front closure, there are two types of styles to look out for. There’s the hook-and-eye closure (same as a back closure bra), then there’s the single plastic or metal clasp type. Whatever style you seek, go for a quality bra with a quality clasp, it’s all about feeling secure.

Front Opening Strengths

If you want a whole-body posture-loving bra, try the Magiclift® Posture Back Support Bra. If you’re not able to close your bra in the front due to a frozen shoulder, back or neck issue or another kind of injury – front fastening is a fab alternative. No more putting the wrong eye in the hook or getting stuck in a game of hook-and-miss.

Women of all cup sizes love the ease of front fastening, but feedback shows bigger-busted women consistently wonder where these crafty bras have been all their lives. Try the Front Closing Stretch Lace Wonderwire® for the right combination of fabulous and functional.

If you’re keen to bust out that dress with a plunging V-neck, a front opening bra is your bestie. Because they boast a lower centre panel, they’re better suited to different wardrobe options. Get a more streamlined look with less chance of a ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ And depending on which front open bra you buy, you can opt for different cuts like T-backs or racerbacks.

The Complete Comfort Front Close Leisure Bra is an easy-wear bra that feels great. Create a seriously sleek silhouette; fewer lumps, bumps and lines which give your clingy clothes great form. This bra is effortlessly wearable – imagine the feel of a chair back without all that fastening paraphernalia digging-in.

Front Closing Choices

Selecting the right front closure bra is the same as choosing a back closing one. It’s still all about support, so know your bust and whether you’re partial to underwire or not. Remember that front open bras with hooks give more support than garments with just one clasp. For underwire fans, try the Front Close T-Back Underwire Bra.

They’re not for everyone but be warned: once you buy a front closing bra, you may never go back to back.

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