The Story of Your Breasts: First Bra (Part One)

The Story of Your Breasts: First Bra (Part One)

29th Mar 2021

Your boobs are your breasties. But like individuals in every relationship – they'll change over time, and so will your bra style and the kind of support you need. We're here to ease you through the shifts and adjustments of your bust. Here's a little story of you and your breasts.

Puberty Boobs

We generally cruise along in life until it throws us the puberty curveball. This happens at a different time for every girl, somewhere between the ages of 10-15, with the average age being 12. Breast changes come with the beginning of our menstrual cycle. If you've been through it, you probably remember all too clearly, the physiological developments that happen at this time. The growth spurts and the hormonal shifts that an estrogen increase brings.

Estrogen is the breast development hormone that causes boobs to grow from nubs into a conical shape, then take on a mature, rounded form. And yes, the mirror doesn't lie – one breast can grow faster than the other: all normal. What's also normal is breasts can be tender or even painful while they develop.

This is where your first bra comes in; you can curb growing pains with the correct bra. If you haven’t before, we know the thought of wearing a bra isn't everyone's cup of tea, but your first bra is more about coverage than support. So when your nipples start to cause havoc under your tops – come and see us. Our expert, highly experienced fitters will help you choose the right size and kind of bra. We'll set you up with something basic and soft because we know you don't want a noticeable bra. And because everyone develops differently, we usually try and go with something wireless.

In Training

training bra will help you feel comfortable as your breasts grow. Mostly made from soft cotton, with no cups or wire, they're effortless to wear. When your boobs develop further, it may be time for a soft cup bra – think a training bra but with cups to keep your breasts in place. Fitting is everything when it comes to your first bra. It sets up your experience: too small, and the tightness will feel constricted, too big, and you'll feel awkward and self-conscious.

Try This

Built for first-time bra wearers, the simple, easy-fit Sloggi Zero Bralette is comfy and wire-free and looks smooth and almost invisible under any top. Made from micro-fibre, this soft beauty is the best option for developing breasts.

Just Because

Once your breasts have fully developed, you can get to know them. What bra feels supportive and comfortable? Beyond the structure, a bra is a great way to express your style, and a beautiful bra can make you feel fabulous. You know the old saying – every day is a special occasion? It doesn't have to be your wedding day to bust out a gorgeous bra. Feel good about yourself every day – try different colours and details.

A lot of girls who come for their first fitting are anxious they'll be seen naked. We don't expect you to strip off; we only enter the dressing room once you're wearing the bra we've recommended to ensure it fits correctly. We can do this just by looking and fully respect your privacy. We aim to fit you without you feeling exposed or vulnerable. We know how you feel because we've been there.

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