Plunge Bras

A deep plunge bra is all about the cleavage and needs to be fitted correctly to get the best effect. A well fitted plunge bra provides a low, sexy, plunging neckline without the worry of spilling out the centre. A plunge bra, like all bras, needs to be fitted low, and firm on the mid-section to provide a good anchorage on the body. This contour bra will hold your ‘girls’ up. By adjusting the shoulder straps ever so slightly, you create the next level of uplift and va voom! A plunge bra sits perfectly under those V-neck tops and dresses for that special occasion, that corporate function, bride or bridesmaid dresses or date night! Plunge bras are one of the more flattering bra styles suiting most shapes and sizes. On a full bust it flatters, on a smaller bust it enhances like a push up bra.

Plunge push up bras can be in the form of fabric, moulding and padding. A fabric plunge bra will not add any volume to your bust, and is perfect for low cut clothing. ‘It creates a more traditional shape, not so rounded which suits a fuller bust’ suggests one of our fitters. A moulded plunge bra features a lightly foamed soft cup that creates a more rounded shape. ‘This shape is smoothing and rounding, hiding any nipple show through and creating a smooth silhouette.’ A padded plunge bra is one that not only has a soft foam padding cup, it also features a thicker foam “cookie” that sits inside the cup and adds volume to a smaller bust. 

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