How Your Bra Can Ease Back Pain

How Your Bra Can Ease Back Pain

10th Sep 2018


When it comes to your bra, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. Whether a woman chooses a particular bra to help support her breasts during pregnancy, to stay comfy and secure at the gym, or to help ease back pain – there’s a bra to suit every body shape and size.


A good bra does more than protect your boobs. When fitted correctly, it also helps keep your back pain-free. Because we’re all different, the right bra will differ from one woman to the next. If you’re honest with yourself, do you know if you’ve got the right bra for you boobs, back and body? If you’ve got bad posture, back pain, or even pinched nerves, your bra might be too tiny or tight.

If you live an active life and like to keep moving, a professionally fitted bra can make all the difference. An inadequate bra can set up a terrible cycle – ‘Women limit themselves from doing exercise because of their breasts. They deprive themselves, and the less they exercise, the more obese and buxom they may become,’ says sports physiotherapist, Deirdre McGhee.


Try this stat on for size: a pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 6-10 kg; that’s a lot of weight to carry around. It stands to reason that the bigger your breasts, the more they move and the more uncomfortable you’re likely to be.

The answer is almost always as easy as a really great bra. A bra designed with your boobs in mind is purpose-made to support the weight of your breasts. When your bra does its job, it can prevent strain in your neck and shoulders and even stave off terrible tension headaches.

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