What To Do With Your Old Bras

What To Do With Your Old Bras

Jan 30, 2023

If your drawers are piling up with gorgeous, gently used bras, pass them on to women in need instead of throwing them away.

Jan 2024

If your drawers are piling up with gorgeous, gently used bras, pass them on to women in need instead of throwing them away. There are plenty of women and girls alike who would benefit from your unused bras. These women may be homeless, or perhaps, for various reasons, they’re forced to depend on donated clothing. Contrary to popular belief, bras aren’t often found in op-shops; if they are, they’re unlikely to fit correctly.


Here is a collection of drop-off points for where your bra(s) can go:

  • The Uplift Project collects bras to give to women who can’t access the right fit in their country.
  • Support the Girls Australia is an initiative empowering women and girls by supplying them with not only bras and underwear but other crucial developmental products like tampons and pads.
  • If it hasn’t been worn out and is still in shipshape, you can donate bras to your local Vinnies or another charitable organisation.
  • For unwearable bras, consider an eco-friendly option and recycle somewhere near you.

These are just a few options that help take care of Mother Earth and reduce textile waste. And even though they’re all great bra recyclers - you can be one too! If your bras contain only natural fibres, throw them in your compost bin, and recycle them at home. If none of these work for you, consider bra donations - find some drop-off locations for your local op shop or donate to Free The Girls.

Upcycle Away

If you’re feeling creative and are looking to turn your bra into something sensational – we’ve got a few ideas. Turn it into a bathing suit, add some bling and bedazzle it, attach some lace, make a chain and ribbon back, turn it into a bustier or sew it into a dress. There are so many ways you can upcycle your undergarment, search the internet, get ideas, and be inspired.

Are You In The Market For A New Bra?

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