What You Need To Know About Bras & Prosthesis After Mastectomy

What You Need To Know About Bras & Prosthesis After Mastectomy

Feb 23, 2023

If you’re thinking about life post-mastectomy surgery, you’re probably wondering where to go from here and what your options are regarding bras.

Feb 2024

If you’re thinking about life post-mastectomy surgery, you’re probably wondering where to go from here and what your options are regarding bras. After the healing process, packing a mastectomy bra in your bag will provide you with the comfort you need. Before you buy one of these specialty bras, there are some things to consider for peace of mind.

You may elect to have breast reconstruction or to use a prosthesis, which can fill the space where your breast was. When it comes to after your surgery, a well-fitted bra will give you comfort with soft linings and pockets to secure your prosthesis. Always check with your doctor to ensure you’re not putting additional weight on your incisions, and wait until you’ve completely healed before wearing prosthesis.

Do You Need A Special Bra After A Mastectomy?

Yes, the answer is that you do need to purchase a special bra after a mastectomy, but it does not always have to be what is labelled a mastectomy bra. When shopping for a bra after having a mastectomy, traditionally, we are told to look for a non-wired, front-opening bra with wide shoulder bands and one with a wide band under your boobs. While this may sound good and well, in theory, it’s not always practical for everyone’s lifestyle.

Many women have a perception that shopping for a mastectomy bra is going to be a daunting experience. After a mastectomy, you deserve to feel good and confident about yourself, and this is something DeBra’s Mastectomy Fitting Specialists take great pride in doing. Nowadays, women have many choices when looking for the right mastectomy bra, which highly depends on individual circumstances.

What Is The Main Difference Between A Mastectomy Bra And A Normal Bra?

A mastectomy bra has integrated pockets to hold a prosthesis or breast form into one or both cups. The one size fits all rule does not apply to everybody, as no two bodies are the same. The DeBra’s team highly recommend you take the time to be correctly fitted by a Mastectomy Fitting Specialist. Your body has been through a lot, and now is the time to give back, nurture yourself, be comfortable and regain your confidence.

Even though DeBra’s Mastectomy Fitting Specialists are highly trained and very educated on Mastectomy bras, our approach to Mastectomy Bra Fittings is to carefully listen to what our customers want. Our philosophy is not to put you in a mastectomy bra if this is not the most comfortable option. We can take many other options and avenues, which we will determine and work through with you during your Mastectomy Bra Fitting Consultation.

As well as mastectomy bras, we stock a wide variety of beautiful full-cup bras that will make you feel a million dollars with the same or similar offerings as our mastectomy bra range. The days of having wide straps for support are gone; the straps are not what adequate breast support should rely on. A correctly fitted bra will provide sufficient support without relying on the straps to do the work.

We have fitted many women of all shapes, sizes, and ages post-mastectomy and much to their surprise, they leave the store feeling feminine and comfortable.

Choosing A Front Closing Bra After Surgery

DeBra’s recommends the Bella Post-op Bra as a sensible, secure option after breast surgery. Breast surgery may influence your shoulder rotation, so you could struggle to reach bra hooks positioned at the back. Purpose-designed for susceptible skin, the Bella Post-op Bra is latex-free, made from a soft micro-fibre, and stretches over your surgical dressings to give you some compression on your incisions.

How Long Should I Wear A Mastectomy Bra For

For a year after your mastectomy or lumpectomy, your best bet is to opt for a bra with soft seams, a wide under-band, deep front and side panels, full cups, cup separation, adjustable straps, minimal detailing, and no underwire. Phew – that’s a lot to look for in a bra. While your nerves mend, swelling subsides, and the effects of radiotherapy continue to heal, what you need from your bra will change with time.

Be patient; it can take up to twelve months to fully recover, and during this time, steering clear of underwires is paramount. Choose a bra that fits on the last hook so you can tighten it when your swelling goes down. Look for a cotton-heavy material, so your bra is comfy and cool, and cushioned bra straps will help keep everything in place without irritation.

Are Prostheses Products Expensive

We would be lying if we said they were not. Prosthesis products can range from $160 to $450, depending on factors such as brand, style, partial or complete. If you have had a mastectomy, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of up to $400 per breast, and the refund can be up to $800 for a double mastectomy every two years.

Upon payment of your prosthesis purchase, DeBra’s will provide you with a Medicare Claim Form for you to take to Medicare to assess your rebate (if eligible). For more information on Medicare’s rebate criteria, you may go to https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/external-breast-prostheses-reimbursement-program/how-claim or contact Medicare to discuss your individual needs.

The information we provide is general, and it is up to the individual to make inquiries before purchasing.

Get Fitted

Your boobs will shift in size and shape during and after your treatment, so getting a professional fitting to precisely measure your size will result in a better-fitted bra. DeBra’s stocks an incredible range of breast forms and prosthesis and mastectomy bras, and we also hold a variety of beautiful full-cup bras that can work for our mastectomy customers. Mastectomy and Prosthesis fittings are available through our Penrith store only. 

Mastectomy and Prosthesis fittings are available through our Penrith store only. Book your In-Store Fitting Appointment, or if you have further questions, you can contact our Live Chat customer service team during business hours.

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