A Guide To Mastectomy Swimwear

A Guide To Mastectomy Swimwear

Feb 23, 2023

After your breast surgery, you may not have the same relationship with swimming as you previously did.

Feb 2024

After your breast surgery, you may not have the same relationship with swimming as you previously did. Some women get back in the big blue as fast as possible, with no worries, while others need the added confidence of secure breast forms in a specially-designed mastectomy swimsuit. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking to get some sun and sea or hit the pool.

Understanding Mastectomy Swimwear

Mastectomy swimwear is purpose-designed for women who’ve had breast surgery. You probably have some scarring if you’ve had a part of your breast removed (lumpectomy) or a single or double mastectomy. Post-surgery, you may opt to emulate breast shape with a breast prosthesis. Made from either silicone or a bead-filled pouch, you can use these to customise your swimmer by putting your breast form(s) into the pockets of a mastectomy suit. Everyone is different; you may feel more confident with a symmetrical shape or choose to swim as you are. Our swimsuits are designed for optional breast forms and come in various styles that look chic and feel fabulous on all body types.

Choosing Mastectomy Swimwear

For anyone who’s undergone breast surgery, the recovery process is both physical and psychological. Suddenly, swimming is more complicated than before, and that’s why post-surgery swimwear exists – to give you options. Swimming is a fantastic experience, and everyone should have the choice to dive in. Our mastectomy swimwear has pockets to keep your prosthetics in place and adjustable straps that let you balance your prosthetics and keep them symmetrical.

DeBra’s mastectomy swimwear is snug-fitting, allowing your inserts to stay put so you can be confident in the water. The high arm openings, wide straps, and high neckline help hide potential scarring, while tummy control features flatten the belly. Whether you choose silicone or other forms, remember that foam inserts can absorb some water when swimming.

Sea Level Eco Essentials High Neck Mastectomy Swimsuit is DeBra’s favourite. Take the plunge into the season with the Sea Level design that enhances your body with ultimate support, comfort, shape and timeless elegance. Features a stretch ladder trim, removable soft cups, powermesh support at the front and back to ensure maximum support.

If adjusting is challenging, remember how amazing you are and what you have achieved. Our post-surgery swimsuit has unique features, so your best bet is to visit our Penrith store, and our Mastectomy Fitting Specialist will help you select the right swimsuit for you.

Get Fitted

Wearing a well-fitted bra or swimsuit post-surgery can be a game changer that improves your posture, comfort, and confidence. DeBra’s has a professional mastectomy fitting consultant that can help you find the most comfortable and appropriate swimsuit for your body size and shape. Our team is passionate about what we do and has fitted women of all shapes and sizes for 22 years.

Mastectomy fittings are available via appointment at DeBra’s Penrith location only. Book your In-Store Mastectomy Fitting Appointment, or if you have a question, you can contact our Live Chat customer service team during business hours.

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