How Often Should I Replace My Bra

How Often Should I Replace My Bra

Feb 23, 2023

Bra shopping is up there with having to buy new jeans.

Feb 2024

Bra shopping is up there with having to buy new jeans. There’s a lot of on-and-off anxiety about what fits and doesn’t. Exhausted by all the arm extension, hooking and unhooking, you look around at the bra battlefield on the floor, and they all blend into one. For most of us, it’s not the most enjoyable experience.

Even though it can be fraught, the fact is that bras don’t last forever. As a garment that gets such a frequent workout, it’s a sure thing that you’ll have to replace them eventually. It’s easy to keep pushing your favourite bra to its limits, despite losing its support and looking sad. So, to avoid total bra breakdown, here’s the lowdown about when it’s time to say goodbye and bring in a new bra.

It might surprise you that the official line is that it’s best to replace your bras; wait for it … every 6-8 months. But in reality, that’s just an arbitrary number, and in the real world, the truth is more dependent on individual factors.

When To Replace Your Bra

Bra Count

The general rule of thumb is that there’s safety in numbers. The 6-8 month rule revolves around having 3-5 bras in your repertoire. For the ladies with a drawer full of bountiful bras in circulation, you’re looking at a longer life due to the less wear each of them gets.

Shape Shifters

Your boobs won’t always be the same; over your lifetime, they’ll get bigger and smaller and shift in shape. If you’re in your teenage years, your breasts are still growing, so you’ll have to do a lot more bra shopping. And it doesn’t stop there. Women’s boobs can keep growing until they’re into their late 20s – that’s a lot of bras you’ll burn. Other things can affect the size of your breasts at any given time, from how much you’re exercising to weight fluctuation if you’re on medication and even menstrual cycles.

Get Fitted

Too many women out there are wearing the wrong size bra. Wearing a well-fitted bra can be a game changer that improves your posture, comfort, and confidence. DeBra’s has a professional team of fitting consultants that can help you find the most comfortable and appropriate bra for your body size and shape. Our team is passionate about bras and has fitted women of all shapes and sizes for 22 years and counting. Check out the Debra's Collection of Bras

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