Mastectomy & Prostheses Fittings at DeBra’s

Mastectomy & Prostheses Fittings at DeBra’s

May 08, 2023

You’re probably investigating alternatives if you decide not to undergo additional surgery after your mastectomy.

May 2024

You’re probably investigating alternatives if you decide not to undergo additional surgery after your mastectomy. A prosthesis could be an excellent option for you; a breast form with the right weight and feels like you. If you chat with other women who’ve been through this, they’ll tell you an expert fitting will help you find your perfect form.


What To Expect In Debra’s Fitting Room

Our fittings are considerable and respectful, a process we’ve refined with your feedback. We want you to walk out with a custom-designed prosthesis that fits your existing bra or a purpose-designed pocketed bra. To make you feel as comfortable and supported as possible, bring a plus-one to your fitting; a friend or someone special who puts you at ease. It’s normal to feel nervous or emotional and having someone see your surgery scars can be confronting, especially if this is your first fitting. Our female fitters are sensitive to your vulnerability, having undergone training to support women in this space.

We’ll put you at ease as we try out products best suited to your surgery. Our priority is to protect your privacy throughout the process, even as we verify your bra size. To find a match for your natural breast regarding shape, size, and weight, we’ll fit you with a form that champions how you live your life. To do that, we get to know you – how active you are, your breast size, and whether you’d like your prosthesis to be the same or go up or down a size. You deserve to be comfortable and fully embrace your body.

How Do I Know Which Is The Right Prosthesis For Me?

Because every make and material feels distinctly different on your skin or in the bra, you’ll know when it feels right. Don’t worry if your form feels a little weird at first; it can take a while to get used to it. Always trust your instincts – if it continues to feel awkward or is conspicuous under your clothes – it’s not the right fit. Our expert fitters know what to look for to ensure your breast form doesn’t impede the flow of lymph fluid or provoke swelling in your arm.

Pack your comfy t-shirt and your go-to bra (we’ve all got favourites), so you can see if your prosthesis looks symmetrical and discreet under your clothes. If you forget yours – we’ve got one here for you. If you’re unhappy with your existing bra, our fitters will work to find the perfect mastectomy bra. Specially designed, our post-op bras have pockets to keep your form in place and stop misshaping.
If you think post-op bras have to be matronly and practical – think again. Our bras are a triple threat: fabulous, fashionable, and comfortable.

Book in advance for an expert fitting in our Penrith store, Tuesday to Friday, from 9 am - 5 pm. Set aside around one hour to find your fit.

Are Prosthesis Products Expensive?

We would be lying if we said they were not. Prosthesis products can range from $160 to $450, depending on factors such as brand, style, partial or complete. If you have had a mastectomy, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of up to $400 per breast, and the refund can be up to $800 for a double mastectomy every two years.

Upon payment of your prosthesis purchase, DeBra’s will provide you with a Medicare Claim Form for you to take to Medicare to assess your rebate (if eligible). For more information on Medicare’s rebate criteria, you may go to or contact Medicare to discuss your individual needs.

The information we provide is general, and it is up to the individual to make enquiries before purchasing.

Debra's Has Helped Thousands of Women

Your boobs will shift in size and shape during and after your treatment, so getting a professional fitting to precisely measure your size will result in a better-fitted bra. DeBra’s stocks an incredible range of custom-designed prostheses and mastectomy bras, and we also hold a variety of beautiful full-cup bras that can work for our mastectomy customers.

Mastectomy and Prosthesis fittings are available through our Penrith store only.

Book your In-Store Fitting Appointment, or if you have further questions, you can contact our Live Chat customer service team during business hours.


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