The Perfect Bra for Your Osteo Recovery

The Perfect Bra for Your Osteo Recovery

May 10, 2023

Ask any osteopath or fitter alike; the right bra can make all the difference for women in pain.

May 2024

Ask any osteopath or fitter alike; the right bra can make all the difference for women in pain. Some of the most common issues seen in women by osteopaths can be improved using the right bra. Think discomfort from having a large bust, sustaining an injury to your upper body or recovering from surgery. There are bras specifically designed for all of these ailments. That's why DeBra's has partnered with osteopaths around Australia to help women find the right bra to support them, whatever their circumstances. We've got your back, literally!


Front Opening Bras

Anyone suffering from limited mobility in the upper body knows how challenging getting a conventional bra on and off can be! Front-opening bras are a fantastic alternative to the traditional design, in which the clasp is located at the front of the bra. This is a game changer for those experiencing these ailments as it ensures everyday activities - such as getting dressed – are pain and strain free. These bras are also great for women who have undergone recent surgery and are still recovering.

Our front-opening bras still carry the full range of designs, styles, brands and support of regular bras. They come in all the traditional functions, with everyday bras, sports bras, designer bras and more. The difference is comfort, dignity and alternatives for ladies that don't have the full mobility they require to suitable fasten and fit a regular bra.

Posture Support Bras

Our posture support bras work to reduce pain and discomfort frequently caused by a heavier bust. Firstly, the fuller coverage backs smooth unwanted lumps and bumps and provide increased back support. This design evenly distributes the weight of the bust over a broader surface area, reducing the strain placed on the shoulders. Some of our wider coverage back panels also prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders, which can be a significant pain point for some women.

The straps on our posture corrector bras extend evenly from the sides and centre of the bra, providing separation and maximum support. This prevents any gaping and allows the bra to encase the breasts fully. The shoulder straps are also broader, preventing straps from digging in, another common issue for our fuller-busted ladies!

The best part? Many of our options fall into the front opening AND posture relief category! So, whether you suffer from shoulder or wrist injuries or struggle with back clasps, this collection may be suitable for you.

Sports Bras

Exercising isn't always a fun activity for women with larger busts, and it can be so difficult and painful that it can prevent us from taking part in it. A study done by the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport in Australia found that as women's breast sizes grew, their participation in physical activity declined.

The main reason for this discomfort is the movement or bounce felt in the chest. And that's the root of the issue: Finding sturdy, supportive sports bras is every woman's challenge. A well-designed sports bra like the Panache Moulded Non-Wire Sports Bra can reduce breast movement by up to 83%, immediately appealing to any vigorous activity.

Getting The Right Fit

Regardless of what bra type you end up with, the most important thing is that it fits your shape well. Ill-fitting bras can contribute to poor posture, leading to neck, shoulder and upper back pain, stiffness, sore muscles and even headaches. DeBra's stock a wide range of bras from sizes 6-36 and A-K cup, and we offer in-store and virtual fittings to ensure our customers are well-supported in their bra choice.

Not only that but to help the patients of our osteopath partners achieve a faster and more pleasant recovery, we offer you a $20 discount on your first purchase! Use the discount code OSTEO20 (T&Cs Apply*).

To learn more about how the right bra can help you recover, check out our tips and tricks.

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DeBra's Has Helped Thousands of Women

Your boobs will shift in size and shape throughout your life, so getting a professional fitting to measure your size precisely will result in a better-fitted bra. DeBra's stocks an incredible range of specifically-designed bras to cater to those with upper body pain and limited mobility. This collection is also an excellent option for those in recovery from surgeries, injuries and for general added support.

Osteo focussed fittings are available through our Penrith and Gold Coast stores.
Book your In-Store Fitting Appointment, or if you have further questions, you can contact our Live Chat customer service team during business hours.

* Discount applies to online orders only. The voucher expires within seven (7) days. Valid on full price items only, excludes sale items + gift vouchers. A minimum of $75 spend applies. To redeem online, log in to your account and enter the code OSTEO20 at checkout (the offer code will not work unless you are logged in). The code is valid for one use only per customer. Discount cannot be retrospectively applied to previous orders or used in conjunction with any other offer.

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