What Are The Different Types of Bras

What Are The Different Types of Bras

May 31, 2024

Sometimes we want comfy shoes to wear at home, snazzy shoes to wear out, and active shoes that let us run wild.

May 2024

Sometimes we want comfy shoes to wear at home, snazzy shoes to wear out, and active shoes that let us run wild. Like shoes, you can benefit from bras that are purpose-designed to do specific things because one bra can't do the best job for your breasts in all areas of your life. Here are six situations that demand particular bras so that you're comfortable and supported, regardless of size, shape and activity.

Types of Bras

Different Types of Bras

Sports Bras

It's beyond belief, but nearly 75% of women wear the wrong sports bra. For activities that involve movement and bounce, your breasts deserve support. Our sports bras are designed for sustained support while you focus on your sport, knowing your bra has your breast tissue protected. DeBra's sports bras collection has high-tech features that stand up to numerous activity levels so you can exercise without the ouch. Anybody of any shape deserves to get active, which is why our sports bras offer form-fit flexibility. Comfort and confidence in your bra allow you to move without restrictions in whatever way you want. When it comes to jogging, jumping, pivoting or passing, your regular everyday bra won't give the maximum support your breasts need.

SCULPTRESSE  Non Padded Underwired Sports Bra Black

Not sure of which sports bra to choose? You can find more information in our Sports Bra Fitting Guide.

Maternity Bras

At this time of life, proper support and comfort are essential. While you're adjusting to motherhood, you shouldn't have to worry about complicated clips. Our clip-down nursing bras let you feed wherever and whenever you need to. For a streamlined feel, our no-stitch bras bring optimum comfort. You don't want clunky and intrusive bras; a mild form that fits your body is a blessing for sore and sensitive breasts. DeBra's maternity and nursing bra collection will give you so much support you'll forget you're wearing one. Our adaptable Cake Cotton Candy Nursing Bra will see you through the fluctuations from your first trimester of pregnancy to six weeks postnatal.

Not sure of which maternity bra to choose? You will find more information in our Maternity Bra Guide.

CAKE MATERNITY  Popping Candy Nursing Bralette Pink

Buying Your First Bra

Fitting your first bra is a right of passage, something you'll never forget, and it can be overwhelming when you're unsure what you want or need. There's no pressure to be anything but who you are, which is why our first fits include alternatives like crop tops and body bras. Much softer than regular underwired bras, these options have less stitching, which means no relentless itchy bits. Regarding your first bra, your best option is to search for something with a secure and supportive band under your breasts.

Not sure what to look for when buying your first bra? You will find Our Story Of Your Breasts First Bra article very informative.

Everyday Bra

Your everyday bra should be your go-to when looking for something super comfy. Comfortable doesn't automatically mean beige and boring, but it must be comfy. No rule that says your everyday bra can't also be sensational. Because you tend to wear these everyday items for longer or more often, they form the foundation of your look. The truth is, everyone's different, and no one can say what kind of bra you'll find your comfort in. DeBra's is very selective with our inclusive bra collections. We know you will love our range as much as we do.

Feeling Flirtatious

Our collection of womens lingerie has something in store for every sexy self. You might be looking to spice up the night, or maybe it's a case of 'just because.' Whatever the occasion or if it's simply for you, our designs are beautiful and saucy and will have you looking busty and lusty. They're so good; you won't want to get dressed.

Mastectomy Bras

After having a mastectomy, you may have decided not to opt for additional surgery. If so, you've got options about where to go from here. A prosthesis is an excellent option for a breast form that feels most like you. If this is right for you, ask one of our expert fitters to help you find the most suitable size and shape. Most of all, our mastectomy bras are comfy, fabulous and functional.

The staff at our Penrith store will expertly fit you so you can feel like you again. Skip to our Mastectomy & Prostheses Fittings at DeBra's article for more information, including what to expect at your fitting. You may even like to read our blog on Bras & Prostheses After Mastectomy which explains the options available in more detail.

Get Fitted

Wearing a well-fitted bra or swimsuit can be a game changer that improves your posture, comfort, and confidence. DeBra's has a team of professional fitting consultants that can help you find the most comfortable and appropriate lingerie and swimwear for your body size and shape. Our team is passionate about what we do and has fitted women of all shapes and sizes for 22 years.

Book your complimentary In-Store Fitting Appointment or a Virtual Fitting Appointment, or if you have a question, you can contact our Live Chat customer service team during business hours. 

Mastectomy fittings are available via appointment at DeBra's Penrith store only.

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